by Misotheist

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This EP is the culmination of 4-6 years of writing songs, scrapping ideas, exploring other projects, and finding the right people to work with. I wanted something that would really test the limits of my song writing and playing abilities as well as allow me to explore some ideas that wouldn't fly in my other bands.

Osculum Infame- Mostly written circa 2016. It's one of the very few songs I wrote the lyrics to before I wrote anything else. Writing the rest of the song around that took very little time, everything save for the solo and drum patterns were done in about 2 or 3 days.

Great Antagonist- Written in early 2017 after the elections. I wanted something much slower paced and more lingering. The song took very little time to write and record since they were just two or three very easy riffs.

World of Ruin- I wrote this song back in 2012 for my first band, Blood Magistrate. It's been one of my favorite songs that I've written ever since, and I always wanted to bring it back for another project.

Vega- This song was written in 2014 in about 2 or 3 weeks. It was one of the first songs I wrote specifically for Misotheist. The lyrics weren't written until early-mid 2017 when my cat had died and one of my friends had taken her own life.


released April 13, 2018

Lyrics and music by James Moore
Drum programming, mixing, mastering, and production by Joerg Luedicke
Logo by Jacob L

Dedicated to Jessica Ramirez and Vega



all rights reserved



Misotheist Bryan, Texas

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Track Name: Osculum Infame
Altar of Christ drowning in fire
Screams of denouncement echo through the halls
Bodies embrace their new lawless ways
Drowning out commandments of purity and faith
Daughters of god as virgins repressed
Breaking free of vows of chastity as

Hedonistic rituals of pleasure are at play
Sadistic masochism in a violent display
Followers of god break their holy dedication
Indulging in desires of horrific fornication

Shock and terror as the pure behold the acts
Sick and twisted fantasies made reality
Pain and torture; pleasurable sensations
Desires are realized as punishments are bastardized
Sodom; Gomorrah; Revive the ancient crimes
Celebrate returns as the cross fucking burns

Instruments of punishment re-purposed for fulfillment
Tools that draw screams and blood perverted by their means
Priests stare in shock at their followers corrupted
Exhibitionism of their newfound reign of sin

Vile and twisted, they rise from the altars reborn
Baptized in blood, they've tasted flesh and they crave more
Seeking fulfillment, they prey on the thirst of men
Spreading corruption, the ways of the pious shall fall
Track Name: The Great Antagonist
Bring down the sky
The laws and the creed
Tampered since the beginning for a ruling minority
Leaving us with only the illusion of
They tell us we matter
They feed us the scraps in exchange for civility
Breeding contempt for those who
Dare to oppose
From your gilded cages
You've blinded yourselves to the suffering of the oppressed
Ignore and ridicule the horded
Calls of rebellion
It's too late for peace
When the cries of reform are easily silenced
The only outcome is war

The life of the world rests in the hands of one
A man of gold; a petulant product of greed and power
Culling the hateful masses from their fringed, shadowed corners
Merely a product of confused and divided masses

A singular power to fight against
Such a blissful fantasy
Easy to imagine the Great Antagonist as one
Ignoring ambivalence of systematic chaos

It's reckless and short-sighted; It's blind to what it tramples
Just as unaware of its own actions as of ours
All we can do is wait for its self defeating nature
To devour itself hoping to be spared from the fallout
And when it crumbles, weakened and exposed
The survivors and the oppressed will stomp out the final fires
Start again, fighting through a new age of darkness
Desperately hoping not to breed the same deadly mistakes

Let them eat the ground from under their feet
Let them see themselves for what they really are
Let it curb its hunger by devouring its own limbs
Let it fall; Let it die; Let it crumble; Let it burn
Track Name: World Of Ruin
The agonizing screams compose a beautiful melody
My laughter echos through, joining in through harmony
To this I'm dancing mad; Singing to nihilistic preachings
A darker time begs for me to lead the way

I scream through endless skies
An echo of the ancient ways as all order dies
(New world)
A world of ruin wakes
Through ancient powers grant thine form; this deity of hate

In final days of god
In final days of law
In final days of morality; of sanity
We'll embrace the darkest age
We'll welcome the shadowed days
We'll celebrate death, the loss of mind
As chaos reigns supreme

As you all drink the poison I spread throughout your land
I cackle at the losses; kingdoms crushed by my black hand
I rape the innocence of this world as I introduce new world order

Thine hatred bleeds into law
It's all so right: This world I've given you
Drenched in blackened contempt
Light of judgement, burn this retched world
Re-shapen lands; Chaotic erosion

Why rebuild knowing destruction is inevitable?
Why crave life knowing everything must die?
Why indulge in humanism when war is primal urge?
A universal whisper speaks the answer we fear to much to heed:

Hope is lost

Embrace the madness embrace oblivion
Let insanity assume your being
Track Name: Vega
Writhing in pain
The shock of loss, consuming, feels so unreal
I hold you, a still warm stiff shell, no longer with what was once you

In life you served as the brightest point of light on a tapestry of black
In death, the memories, they sting; reminders of what can never be again

I wish... I need to go back and make this all right
Too late... All gone... Nothing is left... Never coming back

If I had known that the last time would be the last time
Would that have made this a little more bearable?
I could have stopped this. I could have seen the signs
I wish to steel this world from the careless hands of god

The shock subsides and numbness clouds my way
I stand to walk again, but I'm blind by light of day
What first made me stay strong now slowly drowns my mind
I thought I'd shatter; instead I slowly crumble over time

So fragile we all are; this world's now made of glass
Always under the looming shadow of tragedy
It tortures me now, more than ever before:
All we loved and shared is all there'll ever be

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